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Honeymoon Island Dunedin is a one of the Best Wedding Location

Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding – Great Destinations

Dunedin Florida – A friend of mine created a Wedding Planning Tips site and we were discussing how great wedding locations really set the mood and go a long way towards making weddings create memories of a lifetime.   Of course I had to tell her that we have one of the best places to have a beach wedding in the United States – Honeymoon Island Dunedin, one of Florida’s best state Parks .  I have to admit that I am a little biased but I’m going to share some of my pictures and videos of Honeymoon Island and then you tell me.

Honeymoon Island Dunedin Florida

Honeymoon Island starts with a great name for a wedding location as well as being located near lots of great hotels for all your friends and family and definitely caters to personalized special weddings.  Honeymoon Island State Park is actually a barrier island located just outside of Dunedin, Florida, and while it’s popular with locals as well as tourists – it’s created quite a repuation for itself for beach weddings. 

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Looking for private beach wedding locationin Dunedin Clearwater FL

Looking for private beach wedding locationin Dunedin Clearwater FL

Many times I’ve taken the kids their to enjoy our amazing sunsets and it never fails that on weekends (especially in the summer months) we’ve seen a wide variety of beach weddings – from bohemian casual to the ultimate in luxury wedding with full blown tents and lights on the beach after the park has closed for the day.

She is looking for your thoughts and help – what is your favorite tip when planning a wedding? It doesn’t have to be a beach wedding.

 I’m curious what is your favorite beach wedding location?

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