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Clearwater Homes for Sale – 10 Easy Steps to Sell Your Home in Clearwater Florida

Clearwater Florida – With lots of homes for sale and foreclosures in Tampa Bay up by 29% it’s still competitive for sellers in most Clearwater neighborhoods, home sellers wants to know what they need to do to get their home sold today in Clearwater when we stil have a strong buyers market. Clearwater homes that are selling have done the 10 steps listed below. 

The proven recipe for success contains two main parts – The home seller has one part and the Realtor has a part. Together you can make it happen. Missy Caulk, Ann Arbor Real Estate Associate Broker is a guest author today and shares the following proven home seller tips:   

10 Easy Steps to Sell Your Home in Clearwater Florida

1)  Hire a technology Realtor

2)  Curb Appeal

Make sure your Clearwater home’s first impression is a good one. Paint the front door, trim the hedges, plant some flowers. Simple really and remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

3)  Hire the Realtor that tells you the truth

4)  Price it right from the beginning.

Don’t be like many unsuccessful home sellers and reduce the price of your home for sale later just to find you’re chasing the market down. Homes for sale in Clearwater like homes in Ann Arbor MI need to be priced in the top 5 best homes to look at for buyers. Price it right in the beginning.

5)  Make sure your Clearwater  Realtor has a huge internet presence

6)  When you have a home for sale…it’s professionally staged.

7)  Use a Tampa Bay Realtor that gets the most exposure for your home.

8)  Use multiple photos and a virtual tour on every home, Clearwater buyers want to see multiple photos. I can’t tell you the number of times I get called from my search site, which is a direct  feed from the MLS, with a buyer requesting more photos. Not my listing but they find it on line and want to see more. In this case there is never too many good photos.

9)  Make sure your Realtor uses a Tampa Bay MLS home search site to bring more buyers exposure to the market.

10)  De-clutter.

Throw away, pack it up, move it out. If your not using it then get rid of it. Take it to Salvation Army or Hospice of the Suncoast.

***Notice any pattern in this ? Thought so...***

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  1. Lisa Heindel [Visitor]

    Cyndee, this is great advice from both you and Missy.  Our individual markets may be different, but the steps to getting ready and selling your home are the same all over.