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No Clearwater Real Estate Here – It's all about this Native Floridian sharing More About MEME!

Clearwater Real Estate Off Topic – You may learn more about MeMe than you Cared to Know

Clearwater Florida – Mary McKnight took a Memorial Day break from serious real estate blog coaching to have a little fun MeMe’ing some people she wanted to know more about. Here’s what she had to say,

“There are two me-s in meme because it’s all about me. Meme’s are the perfect way to let other
bloggers know about you, let your audience know about you and get to know and
relate to other bloggers, expand your network and watch your sphere of
influence expand outwards. If you ever
posed the question to yourself, “how many degrees are between me and Kevin
Bacon?” this is the way to find out.

I am asking 8 questions because when tipped over the number
8 is the infinity symbol and that is totally geeky and 8 is my favorite number
and it is 2008. Oh, how the stars have aligned!”

She then tagged 8 people which lead to two of my friends tagging me and you can read their MeMe’s on their sites. While this all started over Memorial Day weekend I’m just getting caught up since I was working with 2 families in town for the weekend so I’m just getting caught up now. I don’t know whether to I say thank you or not to Irina Netchaev, Pasadena CA Realtor, and Ann Cummings, Portmouth NH Realtor – just kidding, it’s great fun and Sunday is the perfect day to share some random thoughts and a little more about myself however you’ve been warned – this may be more than you want to know and it’s all Mary’s fault – lol!

1. Who’s your favorite musical artist?(Post a Youtube video)

For me my all time favorite musician is Jimmy Buffet – growing up in Florida, honeymooning in Key West 22 years ago, racing sailboats in my 30’s and living on our amazing Florida beaches he captures the real Florida lifestyle for me.

I admire that he continues to live out his dreams on his terms. He’s someone that wasn’t popular with the main stream music crowd since he wasn’t focused on being commercial. He writes and sings what he’s passionate. He has always connected with his audience and fans – ultimately his fans are responsible for much of his mainstream success – demanding to hear his music and their desire to buy it. I own all his music because his music always makes me RELAX and smile and reminds to take time to live life NOW and those that know me best know that sometimes I can be too focused on work :).

For me this song, “A Pirate Looks a 40″ reminds me that life is not a dress rehersal – I strive to live with no regrets!


My other favorite (and our families favorite) artists, especially since I got to see them play front and
center last year in Clearwater’s Coachman Park are the gifted musicians of Casting Crowns.

I love this song of theirs,..“I Will Praise you in the Storm” – when things seem rough it’s that it all has a purpose. They inspire me – also because they changed careers to pursue their dreams and passion which I relate to since we left successful corporate jobs to start our own business and even in this crazy market I have no regrets – always learning and looking forward! Enjoy!

2. Who is your favorite artist (Post Photo from Flickr)

My Favorite Artist is a local artist, Christopher M Still, who has been nominated to be “Florida’s Official Artist”. He is passionate about capturing the “real Florida” and paints murals and large works of commissioned art like his recent paintings done for the Sandpearl Resort lobby. I have also had the privilege to hear him discuss his work in his private studio and he is so talented and puts so much into his work. He will study and research the components of his paintings until he is an expert. His artwork is so lifelike and realistic it is amazing.

He has also painted several historical murals that line the walls of the Florida House of Representative Chambers in Tallahassee – I also had the opportunity this spring to see them in the Chambers this past spring and took some shots of them. While these photos don’t do his artwork justice I hope it wets your appetite to learn more about this gifted native who calls Tarpon Springs Florida home, Christopher Still.

Christopher Still Paints about Florida's Great Resources Underwater

Christopher Still explains his Original Artwork in his Studio


Read more here:


3. Who is your Favorite Blogger?

Wow this is a hard one. I read so many talented bloggers from a variety of industries not just real estate, however, I have so many favorites in the real estate industry that I am going to pick my favorite non-real estate blogger who has both inspired and mentored me along my blogging journey. My favorite is Micheal Martine, business blogging coach and author of blog Remarkablogger!

Remarkablogger logo of Michael Martine

If you haven’t read his blog before and are in business you need to, especially his thoughts on Gateway blogging. I think you’ll enjoy his unpretentious and honest style – I know I do.



4. If you could meet anyone (alive or dead), who
would it be and what is the most interesting thing about them?

There are so many people I would love to meet if given the chance however today at this moment the one that popped in my mind (maybe because this exercise has me thinking about my days back in corporate America and the path to how I got here) but Jack Welsh comes to mind – because I loved his philosophy that if you can’t be #1 or #2 then get out of that business. I think all things can be taken to extreme but I also think mediocrity hates accountability and I believe strongly in getting measurable results. In the 80’s he woke a lot of employees up and put a fire back in there belly by knowing if their part of the GE business wasn’t tops in their industry he’d get out of that business – BAM, now that’s a wake up call.

Those lessons translate into real estate for me by helping me focus on the areas where I can be the best (or #2 while moving up πŸ™‚ and delivering measurable results. One of his points was that the majority of the spoils go to #1 and #2 so for #3 and below why work that hard to get so little left over (it’s not profitable) – if you can’t be #1 or #2 find out where you can be (hmmm it also reminds me of Google Placement and how #1 & #2 get almost 60% of the traffic – it seems that model plays out in many ways in the real world).

I am constantly energized by learning more, raising my skill level and knowledge base to be a true consultant and resource to my clients. I wake up everyday with a fire in my belly and a love of this business – I hope I never lose that desire to be the best and having an opportunity to meet Jack Welsh, named Fortune’s Manager of the Century, would be such an opportunity to learn.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a lawyer well into college however I had an uncle who was a lawyer an insisted I read the book One L to make sure I knew what it was really going to be like. He and some other opportunities took me in other directions. Ironically many of my college friends went on to get their law degrees and withing the first few years gave it up since the idealistic view of “the good guys always win” isn’t the reality – many say “justice is what you can negotiate.”

Marketing has always interested me and so with that as a background along with a BA in Computer Science I have had some great jobs along the way before stepping out on our own and using these skills in our high tech – high touch Clearwater real estate business.

What is the most interesting piece of trivia you

I am not a trivia girl at all – I’m married to the man who knows all the answers in Trivial Pursuit. Sorry – I got nothing for you on this one πŸ™‚


If you could live in any point in history what
would it be and why?

I am someone who loves the here and now so for me I love living now at a time when we are breaking new ground daily like having a ground breaking Presidential election no matter who wins. I love the way technology is providing so much info too everyone’s fingertips – knowledge is empowering and I believe the great equalizer for all. I believe people today have the ability to achieve anything they set their mind to so for me I say we live in an amazing time.

What is the most interesting job you chave ever

Outside of my current one πŸ™‚ {which could fill a novel and may one day} I was hired away from IBM to be the Director of Strategic Marketing and Development for one of Tampa’s Top 100 companies when I was 29 in the early 1990s. I was the first female executive in a family owned and run business (that was interesting enough in itself).

The most amazing part was experiencing the challenge of creating, developing, implementing our National Sales and Marketing strategies and programs. It was then that I had that ah ha moment when I first realized that there was no one to give me “the answers”, no book to read, no magic bullets – I just had to taking all I knew along with all I could research to educate myself and then putting my plan on the line with the accountability of taking it from the drawing board to results. While

I still had a lot to learn and life definitely changes when you realize you’ve reached the point where there’s no answer book – that’s when you have to really educate yourself, trust yourself, have a vision and be fearless in it’s pursuit. I love the saying “you can’t discover new oceans without first losing sight of the shore”.


Now The eight people I would like to know more about are…

(which means they are required
by meme law to answer and ask 8 other people to answers these same questions
on their blogs!):

1. Michael Martine

2. Jason Secor and Steve Wolfe

3. Josette Skilling

4. Kelley Koehler

5. Janis Gagliardi

6. Monica McGillicuddy

7. Teri Isner

8. Midori Miller

If you’re reading this and want to play along – I’d love to know more about you too! Tomorrow it’s back to
Clearwater Real Estate ! Can’t wait – then search the Tampa Bay MLS now! πŸ™‚

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  1. Ann Cummings [Visitor]

    Hi Cyndee – loved learning more about you!  And Jimmy Buffett – who can’t get into his music??  I’ve been to several of his concerts, and just love his music – loved those videos you included.  I’m off to check out Remarkablogger – that sounds like a great tip on that one.
    Thanks for playing along – I love reading all these memes about my friends!

  2. Michael Martine [Visitor]

    Although I’m always happy when people say they like my blog, I don’t do memes. Sorry to disappoint you. People who follow me on Twitter know more about me personally than they would find out on my blog, so if anyone cares to, they can follow me at πŸ™‚

  3. Monika McGillicuddy [Visitor]

    I love your blog…it is so pretty!!!
    Boy these meme’s just never stop…LOL but I enjoyed reading yours!

  4. Dennis Blackmore [Visitor]

    Anybody who does not like Jimmy Buffet is a communist.

  5. Teri Isner [Visitor]

    Cyndee, Thanks for the mention this is a very fun blog.  Noticed one of your favorite likes the micro blogging platform twitter.  Did you hear google bought jaiku what next.  Love the blog layout and design.  When you find the best you don’t have to look any farther!

  6. Cyndee [Visitor]

    Cyndee, funny how many of us come to real estate from other “worlds”. I wonder if there are people who dreamt of being a RE agent, when they were growing up?:) Happy to learn more about you, friend.