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Clearwater Real Estate | Home Buyers Feels Misled on Home Price – Sues Real Estate Agent

Real Estate agents don't hide info from clearwater home buyers or risk getting suedClearwater Florida – Recently, I read in the New York Times that a couple sued their buyers agent who helped them buy a property. The couple say the real estate agent hid information from them about lower priced homes in the neighborhood and this caused them to over pay for the property they purchased. Thats why picking the right Clearwater Real Estate Agents to work for you is so important.

Real Estate Agents Get Sued by Home Buyer

Weve all heard of real estate agents being sued because they hid material facts about a property, but this is a landmark case that has come about because of our current  Buyers Market (especially in the Clearwater Real Estate Market) . A couple of years ago, as prices were going up, home buyers were just happy to buy a property before the real estate market pushed its value higher. Today, with falling home prices, many buyers are determined to get the best deal and think the that Clearwater real estate prices could go lower.

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  1. Missy Caulk [Visitor]

    I watched the video of them on the Today show yesterday,did you see it. Donna Harris on AR has a link to it. They came out looking stupid.

  2. Josette Skilling [Visitor]

    I read this the other day… We all know how well you take care of your buyers so they can rest assured they’ll get all the info they need to make a good decision!

  3. Cyndee Haydon [Visitor]

    Missy, No I didn’t see it thanks for sharing the info

    Josette – I appreciate the compliment! Glad to see you!

  4. Terry McDonald [Visitor]

    Sorry to say, it doesn’t matter so much what the look like on TV- do they have a case? Was it a case of misrepresentation? Thats what the courts will decide.Terry McDonald

  5. Perri K Feldman [Visitor]

    This story has hit quite a nerve among current buyers based on the questions I received at an open house last weekend in West Orange, New Jersey…from frightened buyers. Noone had taken the time to show them accurate comps and to educate them on the current market & how it differs community to community.

    Your buyers in Clearwater are lucky to have you as their advocate.

    My phone has been ringing since the New Year from the buyers we have maintained a dialogue with over these past few months…the ones that realize that lower mortgage rates and lowering home prices give them a rare and unique opportunity to purchase the home of their dreams from motivated sellers.


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