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Clearwater Homes for Sale – Tips on Getting Your Home Ready to Sell – Why Un-Clutter

Clearwater Homes for Sale – Getting Homes Ready to Sell

Step 2. Un-cluttered  Clearwater Homes Sell Better

Why un-clutter Clearwater homes to sell them?  With so many Clearwater homes for sale it’s important to do everything you can to ensure you home will selling quicky for top dollar. The quick answer is that you want the rooms to feel big and open; easy to navigate with an organized appearance!

In step 1, Why Depersonalize Your Home, we explained that as Clearwater Realtors, we are with home buyers in and around Clearwater everyday and we can see them get distracted by personal items  in the homes like:

We also said – Don’t just put these items in the attic, basement, garage or a closet because part of preparing a house for sale is to get rid of “clutter”.

Today in step 2, I will give you tips to un-cluttering Clearwater homes for sale, so that your buyers will want to see every room and will want to make a purchase offer on your home. So, find the phone number for The Salvation Army, buy some trash bags and cleaning products, and let’s get started!

Let’s be honest, it is your home and you probably don’t see all of the clutter! Just know that if you are like most people there is clutter on shelves, on counter tops, in the drawers, in closets, the garage, and in the attic – and in every room of your home!

Which one can you see as your future home?  This…

cluttered clearwater home pic

   or this..

Which one do you want to call home?

Which one do you want to call home?







The goal of this step is that all Clearwater homes for sale should have as much open and clear space as possible, so every extra item needs to go to the storage shed until your home is sold. This is a very difficult task, so ask a friend to help you, or hire a staging expert. – Got it?

Clearwater homes for sale need to Make these 4 Main Areas to make Clutter Free :

  1. Living Room and Family Room
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Bedrooms
  4. Kitchen

Tips for Neutral & Clutter Free Living Rooms and Family Rooms

Let’s start with the family room and living room if you have one.

Clearwater homes for sale - staged to sell

Clutter free Living Room area

The living area is probably the most cluttered area of your home, and you have probably made great improvements by getting rid of the personal items from step 1.

The goal of un-cluttering the living area is to have a room with neutral colors, such as white, blue or taupe.

Your pictures should be of the beach or the mountains – most scenery works well. Your furniture should be sparse: coffee table, a couch, a chair or two depending on the room size, and a decorating magazine on the coffee table.

It is important to leave the corners of the room open, so the buyer can visualize their family pictures and bookshelf there. The best approach for Clearwater homes for sale is in to box your books and shelves and put them in storage.

Tips for Neutral & Clutter Free Bathrooms

Next is the bathrooms…

Clearwater homes for sale with clutter free bathrooms

Clutter free bathroom

Taking out the personal items was probably easy in step 1. The goal of this step is to

just get them out of sight even if you have to pack them in a box for showings.

Make sure the shampoo, conditioner; razor and the bar of soap are out of sight as well.


Tips for Neutral & Clutter Free Bedrooms

Clutter Free Bedroom

Clutter Free Bedroom

I’ll bet it was hard to take out your personal items from the bedrooms in step 1, but it is very important. Now in this step, focus on going neutral in the bedrooms: neutral colors, neutral bedspreads and a minimum of furniture in the room

I have seen many buyers turned off by bedrooms where the furniture overwhelmed the room and the buyer commented that the room was too small.

 I had to work harder by stepping off the length and width of those rooms and reminding them that there is just too much furniture in this room – it really is a good sized bedroom. Don’t make that mistake -put the extra furniture in storage!


Tips for Neutral & Clutter Free Kitchens

Ah, the kitchen – saving the best for last!

Folks, the kitchen is probably the most important room in the home!

Make sure you deep clean the kitchen; remove your child’s artwork and magnets off the refrigerator; clear surface areas (yes, put the toaster and napkin holder away); use neutral colors and the sink should be spotless!

Clutter Free Kitchen

Clutter free kitchen

Check every cabinet and drawer – my suggestion is to take everything out of the drawers and cabinets, clean them, remove spots and stains, and then just put back essential items.

In the final analysis Clearwater homes for sale do best when you de-clutter your home and strive to make it look like a model home in a decorating magazine.

That’s it for now. Join me next time for the third step.

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